Injection Molding


Dorchase offers customers one-stop solution for all kind of manufacturing activity. You are welcome to leave the molds for production at our factory. We have a professional plastic part injection molding team with various sizes of injection machines. Each of them is equipped with automotive robotic arms for efficiency and quality purposes.

We have rich experience in plastic part injection and die-casting part injection for electronics appliance, electrical sockets, automotive parts, tele-communication products, medical and laboratory instruments, precision industrial parts, etc.

With our management, we are able to understand your requirements and control the quality over the plastic part injection production process.


20 sets of Injection Machines ranging from 80 tons to 368 tons.

3 sets of Die Casting injection machines (3 sets)

280 tons, 350 tons, 500 tons.


We have experience in mold making in various industries

  • Audio Products
  • Household Appliance
  • Security Products
  • Medical Devices
  • Telecommunication Products
  • Automotive Accessories
  • Aircraft Parts


Plastic materials we have experience molding

ABS, PC, HDPE, PP, HIPS, PA66, POM, PC/ABS, Noryl, TPE, TPU, Santoprene, PBT, glass filled, mineral filled, TALC filled material, etc.